Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Expressive Painted Peacocks

Acrylic on Roofing Felt - Ages 5-11

 Minimal and Beautiful Sydney!

 I love your bold brush strokes Sami!

 I love the smokey effect in your colorful bird Maddie!

 I love the painterly background and colors Sienah!

These Gorgeous works were painted by my Unique Material Art Fun students on our first day of class yesterday. These 2 groups of students had not used my new favorite material yet - roofing felt. Yes, I know...again! Bubba Gump is to shrimp as I am quickly becoming to roofing felt. We looked at a variety of colorful peacock paintings as well as photos. I encouraged the kids to really make these birds their own with composition, color and style. They clearly took this to heart. They drew their designs with chalk and I explained that if they didn't paint over their lines, they would be black after a rinse in the sink. However, that was just an option. I don't like to ever tell a student to "be sure to stay within the lines"! I offered a wide range of acrylic colors and encouraged them to mix and make their own as well. What fun it was to watch them paint these. After their paint had dried, they added details and finishing touches with oil pastel. Such beautiful works kids - each one frame worthy!


  1. That roofing felt is addictive, isn't it! I love the peacocks!

  2. I wanted to use my roofing felt for art camp, but didn't get to it.😕 These are beautiful!


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