Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Breaching Orcas

Last week was "Shark Week" on on the Discovery Channel. I actually entertained the idea of piggybacking on the theme and doing a shark project. A clearer mind prevailed and I came to my senses! We live at the beach and my students spend so much of their time in the ocean, that might not be the wisest choice for my "Creatures, Great and Small" classes. It's bad enough that our beach has been nicknamed, "Stingray Bay" due to the large number of them. Swimmers are even encouraged to do the "stingray shuffle", a shuffling of the feet to scare away these creatures.

So Orcas won out.(not exactly common in these parts) This was a fun straightforward project for my 2 groups of children, ages 5-10. Following a direct line drawing lesson, Orcas were painted with acrylic and then cut out. The backgrounds were created with dry brushed acrylic oceans and wet on wet watercolor skies. The children were encouraged to create their own unique sky (sunset, sunrise, nighttime, ect.) to set the mood of their mixed media pieces.And last, a splattering of watered down white acrylic to create the splash of our breaching orcas.

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