Sunday, January 29, 2012

Folk Art Roosters

These folk art roosters were inspired by this lesson from Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists. Thank you Hope! The children chose between a front view or profile portrait and followed a simple line drawing lesson. The pieces were painted with acrylics. Once dry, they used chalk pastels to add some extra texture. On a separate sheet of colored construction paper, squares of patterned were glued to create a border for our cut rooster portraits. These were created by K-2nd graders.


  1. oh, yay! these look great - i'm about to do them again myself! i like the "portrait" look to yours - so cute.

  2. What a beautiful project.
    These roosters have personality.

  3. Love these - what a personality each has!

  4. These roosters are the cutest- they are all so different!


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