Monday, January 2, 2012

Caricatures circa 1991

(interestingly I put him in a straight jacket)

Freddie Mercury

Bob Geldof
(if you're in your 20's or 30's you may have to do a Google search) ;)

Paul McCartney
(looking very boyish)

Mike Tyson

Princess Diana
I so admired her by the way
My friends and I woke up at 4am to watch the royal wedding

Prince Charles
(no Pinocchio inference intended - just playing with exaggerated features)

Lionel Richie
(seems to be more of a contour line portrait than a caricature)

Tom Petty

Carlos Santana

Oliver North

Donald Trump

On a recent weekend trip to my parents' house I discovered (while snooping under the bed of the guest room) a collection of caricatures I had done fresh out of SCAD. I thought they were interesting in light of what has happened over the past 20 plus years. Just thought I'd share
PS. Thanks for never throwing away anything Mom!!


  1. These are terrific -- thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Brilliant Mary! Isn't it like finding old friends when you come across your old artworks? What a treat to see! What other treasures has your mum stored? I've found a few more these holidays too... grace

  3. Ab/Fab, Mary! The Bob Geldof really took me back to all of his good works on behalf of humanity and I too was up at O'Dark thirty to watch Princess Diana marry that unfaithful sot! Ha! Too bad my mom threw out all of my things over several moves......Nothing on the level of your caliber tho'!

  4. Say it like you mean it crack me up!
    Thanks all!


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