Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mother's Day Art Fun

Here are a few art projects my classes have been working on 
that would make nice Mother's Day gifts.

Ella - Pre-K
(Not supposed to pick favorites, but this piece is so lovely to me)

Thanks to Christie at Fine Lines for inspiring this art lesson! You can find her Snapdragons lesson here and her Springtime Lupines here. We started with a base of chalk pastel shaded lightly with the side of the chalk. I had some texture plates I've been wanting to put to use, so I had them use an oil pastel (like Christie) to create a darker texture on top. Stalks and leaves were painted with brushes and last finger painted blossoms from dark to white. We had enough time left over to add a hummingbird. (It is Draw, Paint "Collage" class after all) My Pre-K through 1st graders really enjoyed making these. Messy fun!

 Trivets using rubbing alcohol and Adirondack inks -
 A Pinterest favorite - link from The Crafted Life here!
I gave these several layers of spray protective coating and foam pieces on backside four corners - 
Voila, great usable art gift!

Eden - Pre-K

Jolie - Pre-K

Ella - Pre-K

Mya- 2nd grade

 Tea time collages with home made teabags (folded stapled paper with white thread) 
with mini messages for Moms

my experiment


  1. Mary - Your Spring flowers turned out great!! I love the addition of the hummingbirds - they definitely give a focal point to each piece!! Also, I am going to have to remember the stapled tea bag with thread - so clever!! And . . . thanks for the shout out:))) Christie

  2. I'm a fan of yours and I hope we can meet one day since we're so close! Love your energy Christie!

  3. I absolutely love the teapots! SO INCREDIBLE!!!


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