Thursday, April 3, 2014

Georgia O'Keeffe Style Flowers

This artist was not happy with her close-up rose. I'm still scratching my head:
it is the epitome of  Georgia O'Keeffe's style. Gorgeous!





You know it's spring when you start to see the O'Keeffe style flower projects around the blogs. She is a favorite artist of mine and ironically, I almost went to the University of New Mexico before I decided to head south. I have done my fair share of O'Keeffe flower projects: tissue paper and acrylic, watercolor, black glue line, and oil pastel and watercolor resist. But I think these straightforward chalk pastel on black pieces are my favorite to date. My students used view finders to crop photos of flowers I had collected from books and calendars. This is always a bit confusing and disconcerting at first, especially when asking the children to blow up a 6" photo to 12" X 18". But with a little guidance, they got it!


  1. I have been waiting to see these Mary, WOW that rose is amazing and Jenna's Blue one is stunning as well TY : )

  2. Oh, my goodness, these are just gorgeous. I hope parents are getting their frames ready and have wall space to hang them immediately!!!!!

  3. LOVE!! You really taught them how to grasp the concept.

  4. They are beautiful. Do you spray fix them? It's always a conundrum for me. Spray them to get them home without smudging, but then the spray dulls the color. What do you do?

  5. Thanks for the nice comments! Phyl, I don't spray them unless a parent asks me to. I agree, spray fixative tends to dull the colors.

  6. So beautiful, Mary! I want to take a class at your studio!

    1. Thanks Pat! How fun would that be!


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