Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blog on Pause

This may just be the longest gap between posts I've had since I started Marymaking. I had my Mother urge me to hurry up and post something new and even a fellow blogger check in to see if I was ok. Thanks Pat! ;) Here's just a bit of what's been going on in my neck of the woods.


My after school classes have been a little lean this fall.
(This tends to be a very busy sports season for families around here)
I have been doing some of my summer favorites with my new crew.


Our lives begin and end with water these days.
Getting my son to sunrise surf sessions each morning with his high school surf team.

Sunset lap swims for my daughter at the local pool.


Tomorrow my husband Tyree and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary.

We have had many unique experiences and adventures together.
We have weathered Hurricane Hugo, rocked and swayed to more than a few earthquakes, taken a cross country road trip in a Dodge Daytona...with a dog, experienced the horrible L.A. Riots, helped one another recover from surgery following shattered limbs - an ankle for him, an elbow for me, catered weddings and events together, and of course welcomed our two children into the world. And this is just the abbreviated list!

I hope to be cranking out blog posts in a more timely manner in the near future.
Thanks for your patience!


  1. Congratulations on the milestone!!

  2. Oh wow. What a lovely glimpse into your life. Thanks. Congrats on the anniversary, what a treat (we're a good 14 years behind you!) And I hope that all the training pays off for your kids... the idea of pre-dawn training makes my skin crawl ;-) Look forward to more posts, grace

  3. Happy Anniversary to a very special couple and to many more years of adventure. Love, MOM

  4. Happy Anniversary, you two lovebirds!


  5. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful couple and I agree, a beautiful glimpse into your life! Sunrise surf practice! WOW you must live in a beautiful place!!


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