Monday, August 20, 2012

Chinese Lion Dancers

I can't take credit for any part of this wonderful Chinese Lion Dance lesson other than the fact that I had the good sense to "borrow" it from smART Class. Thank you Natalie! This was the perfect finale to my Art Across the Globe classes this summer.
After the children watched some wonderful lion dancers in action, they followed Natalie's fantastic draw along lesson. Background fireworks were created with oil pastels and line work traced over with black oil pastel before painting their lions with watercolor.

I had a wonderful time this summer with my 6 art class groups. Thanks to all the children who joined me for some creative time!


  1. These are just lovely - so colorful. Lots of scope for individuality too. A great lesson!

  2. Oh Mary, these are just gorgeous!!! I love how detailed thay got, but were still able to paint the details! Amazing brush control and variety of colors! I love all of them! Are they all in frames or is that computer generated?

  3. I guess the graphic designer in me loves a neat and polished presentation.These virtual frames are courtesy of ipiccy. Thanks again Natalie!

  4. What an awesome project.
    What a wonderful lesson on lines and patterns.

  5. Mary. I have never heard of ipiccy and just tried it out. Its really cool!! It has some great effects. I might try the frame idea on my next post!!

  6. Hi Mary,

    I hope everything is well with you out there in Oklafornia! Haven't heard from you for awhile so I hope you're okay!



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