Sunday, September 23, 2012

Playing with Monotypes

 Monotype using stamps and bleeding tissue with drawing in chalk pastels
Alexis - 9

Monotype, bleeding tissue and acrylic with drawing in colored pencils
Savannah - 10

I stumbled across the work of artist Rachel Pank and fell in love with her series of monotypes with birds. I set out to do some experimenting using acrylic paints on the back of a baking sheet. I painted a thin layer of acrylic paint in several colors and removed some of the paint using stamps and sponges to create texture. This was printed onto a piece of poster board. I also added some pieces of bleeding tissue on some parts for more layer of color. I played around with a variety of media to see what I liked best. My daughter and her friend even joined in on the fun with me. My mixed media art class this week will be creating monotypes with reduction prints inspired by Panks' work. I will be posting those as they finish them.

Monotype with Sharpie and pastel

Sharpie and black acrylic

Monoprint and bleeding tissue with a reduction printed bird,
pastel and thin marker

with a reduction printed bird and stamps, thin marker drawing

This was cut in half to create the above two pieces


  1. Very, very nice! - the monoprint backgrounds have such a lot of life and movement. If it's ok with you I will borrow this idea to do with my students :)

  2. Of course Elizabeth! They are a lot of fun to create.

  3. Such beautiful artwork.
    Your students did such a wonderful job.

  4. these are all fantastic. it feels so good to get in the creative flow, doesn't it:)

  5. I love this idea for monoprinting! I think I will be borrowing this for my 2nd graders who will explore this type of printing in the next few weeks!!


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