Friday, April 6, 2012

Jungle Jaguars

Artwork by K-3rd Graders

I recently started a class with mostly new students. This has allowed me to revisit some of the favorite past projects. I did these paper bag jaguars back in January and was encouraged by one of my students to give it another go. Thanks Jenna :)

The children used oil pastel and watercolor to create their jungle bases. On one rectangular of their brown bag they created textured leaves using sponges and acrylics. These would be later cut out and added to their composition. On the other side of their bag they created their jaguars using chalk and oil pastels. They were encouraged to arrange their leaves around their jaguar to make it look as if it was peaking out of it's rainforest habitat.


  1. Love, Love, Love! Nice work, Mary:)

  2. Really nice work of your students! Nice choice of colors as well. And I love also the simple background!

  3. As always your projects are beautiful.
    The jaguars faces are adorable.

  4. I think you had done those before with another class because I took the idea from your blog and did the Jaguard with my grade 6 class. I did a page on my school website for the latest arts projects.I think you will find some of your projects (dolphins,monkeys...) that I did with my classes.I am a big fan and often try your great projects.Here is the link to the page.Sorry for the spelling I am french speaking!! Sophie Boutin, Laval, Québec

  5. These are super cool. I love that each one has a different expression.


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