Monday, April 9, 2012

Creative Challenge - Complete

Ink, Acrylic and Pastel Collage

Watercolor, Pastel, Ink and Mixed Media Collage

Mixed Media on Acrylic Canvas

Here are the 3 finished pieces I created for the Creative Challenge I signed on for a few weeks ago. Part of the challenge for me was working small (nothing over 8"X10"), as my comfort zone lies in life size people and animals. To keep myself loose and not uptight, I created these pieces on a couple lazy Sunday afternoons while watching Midnight in Paris for the 3rd time and some deliciously bad Bravo reality shows on my DVR. I had a lot of fun "playing" around with a variety of media. The recipients happen to be located in three completely different spots in the US. I will be sending them off shortly. Hope you enjoy them ladies!


  1. Mary they are great! I love the way you collaged the text to some of pieces. Can't wait to get mine!

  2. Love the idea Julie, and what a treat for your recipients! I especially love the last one. The bird is sweet and the leaves in the background are so cheerful. Brilliant. grace

  3. Oh, Mary, now I'm feeling SO SO guilty because I don't have mine done yet to send to you and you've already paid it forward! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten, just have been roller-coaster busy and am now on vacation and hopefully will be able to decide what I'm making and send it your way soon.

    By the way - I don't recall anything in the challenge about it needing to be no larger than 8"x10". Was that your own decision? (to make it easier to mail?)

    1. No worries Phyl; no rush please! And yes, I decided to work smaller for mail purposes and to have some fun with detail drawings.


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