Thursday, April 19, 2012

3D Camel Portraits with "Magic Carpet" Backgrounds

Chas, Kindergarten

Jonathon, 2nd grade

Katie, 2nd grade

Supriya, Kindergarten

I did some camel portraits a few months ago and decided to try it again with my new group of students. This time the children made their camels 3 dimensional by gluing squares of foam core to the backs of their cut camel faces to elevate them. Their "magic carpet" backgrounds were created by taking 3 sheets of construction paper (red, yellow and black in this case) folding them in half and creating 6 unique patterns using oil pastels. These were cut into squares and arranged to make a unique background. Here's a sample of their colorful and quirky camels.


  1. these are great! i love the close up shot of the camel. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Isn't it funny, Mary, how certain subjects start making the rounds on the blogs and Pinterest? First it was Cats, then Owls and now Camels. I wonder where these projects start? I used to think that dogs had the most soulful faces, but after seeing your students work, now I think it is camels! I LOVE raising the drawing up off of the surface too. I always save packing foam to use as "lifters". It gives the overall design such great dimension. Nice work!

  3. These camels are really cool!
    I love the colorful background.

  4. I love these camels with the bright colors of the magic carpet in the background! Great work!

  5. Camels! I just love this. Excellent work!

  6. these are awesome....amazing talent and love the unique idea!!


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