Friday, January 22, 2010

Rainbow Fish

My kindergarteners kicked off our children's book art class with their version of Rainbow Fish. This is a wonderful story about a fish who finds the true meaning of giving when he gives out his beautiful rainbow scales to others, keeping just one for himself. To create their own inspirations my 5 year olds followed a general direction for drawing the fish. I truly love to see the wide range of fish they create just as I tell them there exist in the sea. These drawings are finished in oil pastels. I encourage the children to press hard with their oil pastels as it makes the colors rich and beautiful. They can choose to add sand, sea weed, shells or whatever they would like to create an ocean atmosphere. Next they paint a watercolor wash of blues, greens and purples for their ocean. While the paint is wet they sprinkle salt "like fairy dust" across the ocean water. This creates a wonderful stippling effect as the salt absorbs the water. The kids loves this part! To make these Rainbow Fish complete, the children choose one scale to be glitterized with a squeeze of silver glitter glue. The first 3 fantastic pieces were done by my kindergarteners and the last by my 8 year old, Savannah.

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