Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paul Klee Inspired Abstract Fish

I got the original idea for this project from Union Hill Elementary in Grass Valley, CA via Artsonia. These fish were inspired by the work of abstract artist, Paul Klee. We learned that Klee was a Swiss-German artist who was inspired by Cubism, primitive art and children's paintings. He created over 8,000 works of art during his lifetime. In 1931 he began teaching art at an academy in Germany. He was run out by the Nazis who called his art (and all modern art) "degenerate."
After a direct line drawing lesson for the fish shape, the children created their own patterns and designs with permanent marker to give their fish unique personality. They were encouraged to create some primitive symbols that were very prevalent in many of Klee's paintings. The outline of the fish was gone over with a black crayon. Lastly they used watercolor, Klee's favorite medium to add color to their fish.


  1. Hey, I just added you to my Blog Roll List. I am an art teacher in Tallahassee, FL. Check out what we have to say- we are just getting started in the blog world….

  2. Hi Mary, Love the fish. It looks really similar to the ones the I posted on Artsonia...I am just curious if it was my students who inspired this?? Was it Union Hill School, in Grass Valley? What a small world, I was just google-ing Paul Klee art to display for an art assembly tomorrow and came across your art. Thanks for sharing...I have been wanting to start a blog myself, I think you might have inspired me to do just that. Thanks for sharing, Lisa Williams

  3. Well - world is really small - seeing the last comment:)) I looked at Paul Klee too and I found your kid`s fishes:)) They are really wonderful! Your descriptions of the lessons are very cute too - you must be really an inspiring teacher. And I am inspired to try a blog by you too:)) I will try to learn more about the artist you mentioned - Alexander Calder, Georgia O'Keeffe, Dale Chihuly. And I must say - google is really a miracle:)) Wish you new magic and constant luck. Thanks! Lina - Sofia - Bulgaria -


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