Sunday, January 17, 2010

3D Cubist Portraits

My Mini Modern Artists will be leaving behind the world of Impressionism and jumping in our time machine and speeding ahead about 30 years to focus on one of the most pivotal art movements of the early 20th century, Cubism. I have done a number of Cubist style art lessons in the past. I wanted to switch things up a bit this time. I will review that Cubist artists like Picasso wanted to take apart an object (or face) and put it together in a new way, often showing several angles all at once. After creating an oval face shape on poster board the children will divide the face with a profile line down the middle. They will create a hard edge, simple hair style. Next they will add features like eyes, mouth and eye brows. I will review how to create a side view of an eye and mouth. They will be encouraged to put these features on the face in a unique way. Using a ruler they will divide the face in a couple spots. When they are happy with their design they can go over it in permanent marker. Using markers and oil pastel they will add color, pattern and texture to their shapes. This face is then cut out and glued to a background of foam core that has been painted in a simple graphic way. Small pieces of foam core will elevate their face onto their background, creating a 3D effect.


  1. wow. Great work.

  2. is 3D cubism 3D or does it just look 3D on the page

    1. The 3D refers to the pieces of foam core that elevates them off the page.


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