Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fall Art Sampling

 Matisse inspired Apples - Andie, 1st grade

 Process Art pieces with lots of media play -1st - 3rd grade

 Inspired by Picasso's "Sylvette" sculpture - 1st graders

 Acrylic on roofing felt - Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe - 1st grade

Mixed media with weaving - Maddie, 5th grade

Grumpy Cats on Color Fields - 1st - 4th grade

Here are some of the projects my students have created over the past couple months. I have enjoyed visiting some old favorites, as well as incorporating some new projects ideas. I have made an effort to focus on media play and process based art fun. Up next, Winter Wonderland Art Fun. Perfect for our SoCal temps!


  1. I love seeing how you have tweaked some previously used lessons to give them a new vibe!

    1. Thanks Christie! The Matisse Apple lesson I believe I saw on your blog first. It's always a winner and fun to play around with. This time around we used chalk pastels for our apples.

  2. I love you blog! It is so inspiring to see the work you do with children. I also really appreciate seeing the kid's artwork. I teach kindergarten and am intrigued by the photos with the captions "Process art with lots of media play" and "acrylic on roofing felt" Can you tell me more about how you guided students to create those pieces?


I appreciate your comments and feedback!