Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More Peacocks and Seahorses

Chalk pastel peacocks - 1st graders

As much as I missed your show tunes this class, your focus paid off!
Nice job Jenna!

"Now, you're welcome to add".., "No, I'm done!" :)
Minimal and beautiful Presley.

Ella was wearing most of this lovely shade of chartreuse
all over her sweater and arms. Lucky for me, her mom didn't
 bat an eye and told her she was being a "real artist". And she is!

Addison paid careful attention to our real peacock photo source
and referred to it often.

It is very important to Reese for things to be just so!
She seems to have a 5th grader persona. ;)

 Ella, 1st grade
Watercolor, oil pastel, and collage

 Jenna, 6th grade
Watercolor with salt effect background

Tristyn, 5th grade
Watercolor and acrylic seahorse
Liquid watercolor background with salt and plastic wrap

 Lacie, 5th grade
Marker, watercolor and salt effect background

Reese, 1st grade
Oil pastel, watercolor and collage

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