Sunday, February 1, 2015

Beyond Direct Line Draw Lessons

While the majority of my art lessons tend to be animal subjects using a basis of direct line drawing lessons, I do Love veering into more personal observation and abstract based lessons. Maybe because my personal art is so reality based, I tend to be drawn into the opposite direction. I think abstract lessons level the playing field so to speak, for those children who feel their drawing skills aren't what they'd hope, but have So much to say and a desire to create. 

The above collage student work (observational and abstract - with links to the original post) are some art lessons I've done without the aid of Miss Mary's white board and marker. I will continue to do direct line drawing lessons and make no apologies for it. But I hope to incorporate more observational and student driven thought into my art lessons. (Thank you Phyl! You are such a Great mentor to me.) 


  1. What a wonderful explosion of color!! LOVE them all!!

  2. Aww thanks! I love them all! But the first one, wow! Each part of it is fabulous! Totally my taste!

  3. Lovely work from your students, Mary!

  4. Thanks Christie, Phyl and Pat!


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