Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winter Squirrels





Each school day morning I walk my daughter to the bus stop with my 2 rescue mutts. And almost like clockwork, several squirrels taunt the pooches as we wait, scurrying up and down the trees, spitting out remnants of pine cones. It sends Ally (Tibetan Terrier Mix)into a frenzy, but may just be the most exciting part of her day. And so we keep coming back for more.

 My class swapped our SoCal locale for a snowy birch background using a masking tape and watercolor technique. Once dry, the tape was lifted and tree markings and watercolor shadows were added. Squirrels done in chalk pastels were cut and glued their backgrounds.

The theme for this session is Whimsical Animal Art. I have a couple students who have been
 coming to my classes for several years. Each was under the impression that "whimsical" meant relating to "fantasy" or "mythical". These two Great girls had expressed an interest in creating a fairy. I found some sketches of mouse fairies (combining whimsical animals and mythical)
 and gave them the option of creating a mixed media piece inspired by the loose drawings. I aim to please. :)
Lacie (5th grade) created her mouse with Sharpie and pastels and the strawberry background with salt and watercolor. She had full reign with this project. What a fun, creative piece!


  1. Mary - Lacie's strawberry background is, indeed, whimsical!! I like the way she worked the delicate lines in her wing. It almost looks transparent:))

    1. She has always had definite and unique ideas about her art. I gave her free reign with this project and allowed her to use whatever supplies she chose. She's working on a second in her mouse fairy series.

  2. I was just wondering if you have any tips for visual art assessment? That seems to be the one area I'm struggling in.

    1. I'm not affiliated with any school. I teach small private classes. I imagine assessment would be a challenge. Sorry I can't help!


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