Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Peacocks and Butterflies in Chalk Pastel

Chalk pastels on black paper are a magical combination aren't they? I revisited two previous lessons with my Mixed Media Art Class groups for our last class together. These were done on big 18" X 24" sheets of black construction paper. Although we looked at photos of real peacocks and butterflies for inspiration, I gave the children free reign in their creations. Ages 5 - 10.


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  2. You always get such great results with chalk pastels. I love the way the yellows just pop from the page!

    1. Thank you Christie! Charcoal and chalk pastels are my favorite mediums.

  3. Do you spray your students' chalk projects afterwards to help prevent smudging? If so, what do you use that doesn't compromise the bright colors of the pastels? If not, do you have a technique to help preserve their work? I have used both fixative and hairspray but they both seem to dull the colors quite a bit.

  4. I send them home as is. I find that spray fix and hairspray can effect the work, so I leave it up to the parents to decide.

  5. These are beautiful Mary. I especially like the one that is left center with the purple body.

  6. I love chalk pastels and agree with Christie- you always "do it right" using them with the kids. I shy away from this medium but I'm going to be more brave about giving them a chance! You've inspired me!


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