Friday, July 15, 2011

Splattered Dalmations

My Messy Art Fun Camp is over. I had a wide age range for this class, K-6th. We created Kimmy Cantrell salt dough masks, pinch pot clay creatures, non-objective art collages and glue and chalk pastel creations. But the favorite project for many was the splattered paint dalmations. The children splattered 2 long sheets of construction paper on day 1. Once dry, they cut out a simple body shape, head and ears. Eyes and nose were added and charcoal shadows. They were given free reign in creating their background.


  1. I love these dalmatians.
    I am certain your students had fun with the splattered paint.

    I really enjoyed viewing all your art camp projects.

  2. Ohhh, aren't these cute! Love the extra touches of shading behind the front legs. And the eyes really draw a viewer into the work. THese are just precious.

  3. Too cute! I've got to try this one!


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