Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Expressive Dogs Take 3 and More Zen Shorts

My Children's Book Art Camp group (ages 6-9) did a beautiful job with their art inspired by the book, "Zen Shorts." They created the sky with chalk pastels but painted their branches rather than the straw blown technique of my last group. Pandas were created on a separate paper and glued to their zen backgrounds.

My third and final Animal Art Fun Camp met last week. What a sweet group of kids! Once again Dylan was our appointed model. I thought his big eyes and tousled hair made for a great expressive painting. We created our eyes using oil pastels, later adding reflection dots with white paint. Children chose a warm or cool palette to create their dog with loose brushstrokes and a color on the opposite side of the color wheel was chosen for the background. I'm now ready to create the poster for the SPCA of Reno with a beautiful collection of artwork from three groups. I'll be sure to post it later.


  1. The Zen Shorts pics make me happy! Love the puppies too!

  2. Thanks Pat! That book has become very dear to me. I love each of its' three life "lessons".
    And I love how the kids created such unique backgrounds for their pandas.

  3. The pictures based on Dylan are adorable.
    I love the colors and textures.
    The Panda in the red pants is my favorite.


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