Monday, May 9, 2011

Clay Birds on Driftwood

I just love this beauty made by a 1st grader. Gorgeous work Talia!

Cool Pop Art Bird Daniella

Matthew (6) knew he wanted to create a red cardinal

(I gave my bird some wire feet, but opted to leave this step out for the kids)

Align Center
Air Dry Clay birds ready for paint and perches


I was inspired by the gorgeous clay birds on wood at Align LeftNew City Arts. Minus a kiln, we used air dry clay. I showed the children a basic method for creating their bird, pinching the beak with their thumb and forefinger. Some chose to add wings and some texture. Shannah had some gorgeous pieces of reclaimed wood for her 2nd graders' birds. In lieu of these, my daughter and I took a walk along the shore and scored some really wonderful pieces of driftwood. (Talk about a fun task!) This week the children painted their birds and chose their wood perches. A coat of Mod Podge gave them a nice glossy finish and finally they were glue-gunned to the driftwood. These were created by children ages 5-10. I encouraged them to use real birds to inspire their paint choices. But they were allowed to create a fantasy bird if they chose to. I love that everyone had their own unique vision.


  1. I love the driftwood idea! These little birds sure do look sweet. I hope you post the final pieces!

  2. Please make one for me. MOM

  3. These are so cute and I love the idea of using reclaimed wood- I only wish I had an ocean nearby me :(

  4. I love the idea of placing the birds on driftwood.
    These birds look adorable.

  5. how neat these birds are. i love driftwood :)

    have a great rest of your weekend!

  6. Your birds came out amazing. love the realistic paint choices. Also good choice by you not to include feet. I just did this project with first grade today except we glued on feet and feathers for wings in holes we made> the feathers were easy the feet not so much. The air dry clay is so much better. I had one batch of birds explode in kiln from an air bubble! They were happy to remake them today!

  7. These are great! I work with a second grade teacher that does a really extensive bird unit when our birds (finally!) come back in the spring. This would compliment it nicely...
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Thanks for all the nice comments. Mom, I knew you'd love this project. You have always had a thing for driftwood.(and of course birds) 1 extra clay bird on driftwood coming up. Try to act surprised :)


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