Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Grade Sillies + Blog Award

"Can I make my cheetah pink Miss Mary?"

bug to come after spring break :)

I spend my Thursday afternoons with a very silly group of 1st graders. Some of their conversations are just plain hilarious. And since we are just 1 more day away from spring break, the silly bar has been raised. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. One of my fellow bloggers had posted about a step by step book "How to Draw 101 Animals."(I would love to give you credit if you read this). I clicked on the link to Amazon and thought it would be great for my Animal Art Mini Summer Camp. But I had to give it a whirl now. For today's class I chose the cheetah. We followed the step by step with Sharpie and then used tempera paint.On a separate paper they could draw a ladybug, butterfly or bee which would be cut out and added somewhere to our composition. Everyone chose to have the bug on the cheetah's nose. So cross eyed cheetahs it was. Nice job kids! And it only took 3 rounds of the "quiet game" to get these done. :)

Versatile Blogger Award
A big thanks to Joanna at We Heart Art and Marilena at Art at Chesterbrook Elementary Art School for sending me a Versatile Blogger Award. You both have a lot of wonderful art project posts. I love the upbeat vibe on your blog at We Heart Art, Joanna. A special congrats on your baby boy on the way! Marilena, I'm so glad to have found your blog. I love seeing all your excursions to art museums, and your recent wonderful cat art posts inspired by different artists.

Here are 7 Interesting Facts About Me:

1.) I once built a boat out of cardboard and trash bags and rowed it around a lake. (3D Design class at SCAD. You've got to love art school!)

2.) I grew up right across from a cemetery that was used in a lot of movies, including Alfred Hitchcock's last film, "The Family Plot." (they left behind some fake grave stones that we used at our annual haunted house on Halloween)

3.) I have worked as a Coat Check in Atlanta and a Mini Bar Attendant in Beverly Hills.

4.) I have had 1 pedicure in my life. My feet are very ticklish and .... let's just say I made a bit of a scene.

5.) The farthest place I have traveled to is Indonesia.

6.) Sleeping in for me means 7:00 am. It's a genetic malfunction my whole family seems to have(5:00 am risers).

7.) My husband and I love Thai food. So our typical date out includes trying a new Thai restaurant. Lucky for me, there are many in our neck of the woods.

Pass the Award on to 10 recently discovered bloggers:

I love seeing so many wonderful new art project ideas!

Congrats!! (now: tell 7 interesting facts about yourself, pass the award onto 10 newly discovered or favorite bloggers, and lastly, thank and link back to the blogger who gave you the award.)
*You can copy the award picture from We Heart Art as I forgot to include it here.


  1. You've just gotten another Versatile Blogger Award from me, I hope you don't mind :) Congratulations!

  2. Thank you Mary for awarding me with "The Most Versatile Blogger Award" What a great way to start your day!
    Thank you for the honor. I'm so pleased that you have found my blog noteworthy!
    Now on to those 7 interesting facts about me! Hmmmm!

  3. Thanks so much Marilena! I really appreciate it. And as you might have noticed I awarded you as well. :D

  4. Now that The Versatile Blogger Award is over, I had to comment on those beautiful big cats :) The expressions on their faces are priceless.

    Great art work

  5. Mary I posted the award today on my blog. Thank you and check it out!

  6. Thanks for the award! I greatly appreciate it and couldn't have done it without yours and all the other wonderful blogs for inspirations!! Happy Art!


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