Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weather Themed ATC Swap

Taken last week from outside our window

Considering the terrible weather that is effecting much of the nation right now, I hope no one will resent the timing of this post. A big thanks to Mrs. Hahn (Nichole) from Mini Matisse for inviting our 3rd-5th grade after school class to participate in her weather themed ATC swap. A couple weeks ago I told my students that since our weather in Orange County, CA is so different from Minnesota, the theme was ideal. On this particular day the fog had rolled in (as often happens near the coast) and the temperature dropped to a chilly 55-60* (tongue firmly placed in cheek :) One of the girls said that our weather was probably not that different. I told Nichole this and she wanted me to share with my kids that the temps at that time were well below zero. I think they have a better picture now. They especially enjoyed the slide show of her family's ice fishing excursion on her blog.

So each of my children received an adorable one of a kind printed snowman. On there way to Minnesota are our sunset with palm tree silhouettes. We created the sunsets with watercolors and used fine black markers to create the palm trees and ocean (in some cases).

Thanks again for the opportunity Mrs. Hahn!


  1. That is so neat! What a cool idea and fun opportunity for the kids!! I LOVE the palm tree silhouettes!We are expecting snow tommorrow and everyone is very excited in Houston. We had power outages ALL day and I had to teach with a flashlight! We are not used to this kind of weather here!

  2. Love the palm trees! I like the weather theme. My 4th graders traded with Mrs. Hahn's classes, too. It was so much fun.


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