Friday, October 8, 2010

Wild Roosters

I have a group of all boy Kindergarten and 1st graders who are teaching me a thing or two about my approach to teaching art. I am lucky enough to have an active group of young boys join me in following art lessons after 6 hours of sitting still and listening at school. My son was all energy at this age (and his Pre-K teacher told me his scissor skills were less than spectacular and I should work with him on that) so I really get where they're coming from. I have yet to do an art lesson with templates or tracers in the 4 weeks of this art session. This may change - don't judge me, ha :) I am really trying to let the art come from them, no matter where they are in their fine motor control development. The fact that these are paid for art classes may cause me to struggle with the process vs. product issue a bit more. But I think as a parent, you really cherish a piece of art that comes from the child with as little interference as possible. So here are a few roosters from my Picasso rooster lesson. They are rough, wild and I think very expressive.

By the way, my now 15 year son does just fine with a pair of scissors :D


  1. Those roosters are beautiful! I agree with you--I avoid templates and tracers also

  2. I wonder when tracing around a template became a "no-no". In my mind, being able to use a tracer is an appropriate skill at this age and helpful in building those fine motor skills.
    As an adult, I know I make and use templates in my own work, especially when I want to repeat a shape or when I want an especially uniform line. I don't feel like it's cheating or that it's less creative than other options.
    At this level there are fine motor kids, and gross motor kids. Templates can help the gross motor children to lighten up the death grip on the crayon and gain a little more control.
    So long as kids aren't asked to use templates exclusively, what's the big deal?

  3. Argh your lessons are great. There is a time for everything. A time to template and a time to not. What is your lesson about color, cutting? A template can be helpful. You know what your doing don't let other people's ideas cloud your judgement.

  4. Thanks for your comments. I agree that there is a time and place for templates.
    I appreciate your thoughts and encouragement!

  5. I agree completely with anonymous, mary. Your lessons are great. I love visiting your blog and checking out your new posts.

  6. I bet they would love to draw some race cars or big construction equipment! My kinder boys all get really motivated by both of those subjects and some race car art would be really cute framed and in their bedrooms:)

  7. Picasso's rooster is my favourite roosters of all times - well until I saw these. They are just awesome - the spirit of each boy is so apparent and isn't that what art is all about? I am sure they will get plenty of practise with templates and other tools elsewhere.


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