Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Sunset Silhouettes

Fabulous job by Matthew, my 1st grader

Lately some of our unseasonably warm temps (even by SoCal standards) have brought forth some amazing sunsets. I took these photos at dusk a couple weeks ago on literally the hottest day ever recorded in Los Angeles - 113*. I know my students have been wanting to do a Halloween inspired art project. As much as I appreciate your suggestion Matthew (hilarious uber-smart 7 year old), I'm going to pass, at least for now, on the tissue paper ghost idea that you whispered in my ear last week. So I decided on a Halloween themed sunset silhouette.

After our watercolor sunsets dried, we talked about exactly what a silhouette was. I still needed to go around and encourage my younger students to fill everything in black. I went over how to create a "creepy" tree (desiduous trees are somewhat foreign in this zone :) ). They could add some pumpkins, a cat or whatever else they could think of that would create a spooky atmosphere. Some children chose to add some Van Gogh inspired finishes.


  1. I posted something similar last week - great minds think alike!! Love the beautiful purples and pinks in your clouds. Warm weather is done here, I think - last night was our first hard frost.

  2. Tell Matthew that I like the idea of the tissue paper ghosts and can't wait to have a go making some myself. I personally am having my after-school group make some ghost pencil toppers with BOO written all over the pencils with sharpies.


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