Saturday, July 31, 2010

Proud Painted Peacocks

I grew up just a couple miles from the Los Angeles Arboretum (located in Arcadia). It was home to a number of peacocks and peahen imported from India by a wealthy investor, Lucky Baldwin back in the 1880's. It was not uncommon for them to stray once in a while and end up in the backyards of friends. Looking back now, I have a much greater appreciation for being able to enjoy these gorgeous birds up close, roaming freely. A number of their offspring still remain and my daughter can now enjoy them as well.
To create our peacocks my K-2nd graders first painted their board with a mix of tropical blue and green. After our base had dried, the children followed a simple direct line drawing of a close-up bird: bowling pin shape body with a skinny oval behind it. The feathers were painted in layers: yellow, orange, green and "peacock" blue. The feathers were connected to the body using oil pastels. Finally, beaks, eyes and head feathers were added using a combination of paint and oil pastel. This project was a favorite amongst my Animal Art Mini Campers.


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  2. this is a really cool project! What beautiful results!


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