Friday, July 16, 2010

Blue Dog and the Legend of the Loup Garou

(The following "Blue Dogs" were done by my Animal Art Class Children - ages 5-8)

My 5th -7th graders took a look at the work of Cajun artist George Rodgrique and his many versions of "Blue Dog", modeled after his beloved deceased dog, Tiffany and based on the French myth of the Loup Garou. The Loup Garou is a human who can change into a wolf at his or her own will (a werewolf). Legend has it that anyone who sheds the blood of the Loup Garou will turn it back into human form and likewise become a wolf themselves for 101 days.

Given their age and the popularity of the Twilight series (with it's human/wolf parallels) , I thought this would be a fun opening project for our summer course. Rodrique continues to paint his Blue Dog and in many different colors. So I encouraged them to choose their own color (after a direct line drawing lesson) and add their own spin. I haven't had this "older" age group in a while and I'm finding it almost odd not having to chant, "1, 2, 3, eyes on me." and other attention getters I sometimes use for my little ones. :) It is a wonderfully humorous, diverse group and I'm looking forward to all of their artwork to come.

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  1. When do you have the after school lessons? How much?


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