Monday, December 28, 2009

Harry By The Sea

Another one of my favorite books from childhood is "Harry By The Sea" from the Harry the Dirty Dog series. I think it's timeless success lies with its simplicity(in story and illustrations). The pictures have only 2 colors (and black): a pale olive green and light yelow orange which the children will paint with watercolor.

On a separate paper, I will give a directed line drawing lesson to create Harry. While it may seem simple, I'm sure I will receive a wide range of versions. This is when I hope I can convince them that that is where the beauty lies in art. I always say how boring it would be to have everyone's "dog" or "flower" or whatever look the same. Bring on the misshapen heads and swollen bodies - I love it! These simple pencil drawings will be drawn over with charcoal and smudged to create the same effect as artist, Margaret Bloy Graham. They can then cut them out and glue them to their watercolor backgrounds. Harry's shadow and ocean currents will be done in charcoal as well.

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