Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kindergarten Snowmen

It's late November and the weather forecast for Southern California: sunny and in the high 70's. It's time to create some snowmen! When you live in such a warm climate, I think the kids appreciate these type of winter time art projects even more. I liked the close up, cropped perspective snowman lesson from Deep Space Sparkle. After drawing our snomen in oil pastel, the children painted them with tempera paints. They really liked the final step of using a q-tip dipped in white to create falling snowflakes.


  1. I am a grandma of a 2 year old. I was looking for something fun to do with him at Christmas, but I love the idea for myself!


  2. I just found your blog & LOVE all your great ideas!!
    Grandma Nancy from central IL

    1. So nice to hear Nancy! Thanks for the comment!


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