Sunday, November 8, 2009

Falling Back Into Space Portraits 2nd - 5th Grade

This weekend my art assistant (otherwise known as my 7 year old daughter, Savannah) and I tried out an art project I have wanted to do with a couple of my classes. I saw this at Oodles of Art Projects and just changed a few things. After tracing your hands towards the top of a large piece of posterboard, you take off your shoes and trace them towards the bottom. Now a head shape is drawn a bit smaller to look as if it's further away. Now the neck and body are drawn. We did ours in pencil, then Sharpie and finally watercolor. I'm going to emphasize the importance of observing and recording details with this project. For instance, we drew the lines on our palms and fingers and the details we saw at the bottom of our shoes. I like how Savannah painted her mouth in a "O" shape, showing a perfect reaction if you were to actually fall into space. To create an added dimension I drew the planets with chalk pastel and chose the direction of a light source, higlighting one side with white and casting a shadow on the opposite side. It's a small detail that I think adds a big impact. Finally we painted around the planets with black tempera paint. Savannah gave this project a "thumbs up." Her seal of approval carries a lot of weight regarding whether a project gets the green light or gets shelved.

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