Friday, February 24, 2017

Unique Animal Art Projects

my experiment 

My theme for this session is Unique Animal Art. Of course animals are always a popular subject matter for my young students. I enjoy coming up with lessons that have a fun twist. These Pop Art Horse Profiles utilized two supplies I've been dying to try, chalk markers and Kwik Stix. They did not disappoint! The colors really popped when used with black paper. My students used chalk pastels and acrylic paint to finish their paintings.

 my experiment 

Are you familiar with artist Sarah Cray's beautiful animal watercolor paintings? Catch them on her Dandelion Paper Co shop on Etsy here. Many of her beautifully detailed animals are donning flower crowns. Let's just say, I'm a sucker for an animal with a flower crown. My kindergarten through 6th graders had fun painting their inspired giraffes using both wet and dry glazing techniques.


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  2. So colorful! Could you tell me the brand of the chalk markers? Thanks, Renée Collins at:

    1. Thanks Renee! We used Fun Chalk liquid chalk markers.


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