Monday, December 5, 2016

"Tree of Friendship" Art Birthday Party

 9 Lovely Trees of Friendship

Ready and Waiting 

 Positioning collaged birds

Sketching out their Klimt style trees with pastel pencils

Creative aftermath

Each time I am hired to lead an art project at a child's birthday party I am sincerely honored. I can still hear my daughter's deadpan comment several years ago, "Some kids get bounce houses, and they chose you?" Ouch! I take on this responsibility with a great deal of consideration. I try to factor in a number of variables: the child's age, interests, number of guests, location ect...

Ella, a third grader, has been coming to my classes since kindergarten. She is a Wonderful artist and approaches each project with a sense of enthusiasm and focus. So I started as I often do, by creating a pinterest board dedicated to different ideas just for the occasion. I narrowed down the field to about 12 ideas. Then we met and I pitched my project proposals. She loved a Klimt inspired tree found here at smART Class. Thanks Natalie! Expanding on the theme, her mom had the idea of creating trees of "friendship" where the girls could write their names on and around each other's trees. Perfect!

I always do a "test drive" for the project, to see how it might work. This was my effort.

 Yes, I got a little carried away with details. But I knew that's what sold Ella on the project.

The Trees of Frienship turned out to be a success! The girls were really into it and could giggle and chit chat in between each painted swirly branch. And of course they had a ball with all the embellishments: glitter glue, puff paint and sequins. Silver Sharpies were perfect for signing each other's pieces. Little sisters and Miss Mary were even invited to join. We had a hard time pulling the girls away from their artwork. But pizza and ice cream sandwiches awaited. What a fun afternoon!


  1. So much fun! I love a messy table filled with all sorts of colorful stuff, and the results look fabulous!

  2. What a fun party! And all that gold -- WOW. It's a kid's dream party!

  3. Thanks Phyl and Christie! Kids just love gold metallic paint don't they?��

  4. These are wonderful and whimsical! Can I ask what brand of gold paint you use? I find it's so hard to find a good quality opaque metallic paint...

    1. Thank you! I agree, it's hard to find metallic paint with good coverage. We used Sargent Art Liquid Metal Acrylic Paint. It comes in a variety of metallic colors and coverage is quite good. We used Gold and Aztec Gold.


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