Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lighthouse Collages

Ella, 2nd

Charlize, 2nd

Summer, 3rd

Fiona, 2nd

Skyler, 2nd

Mia, 2nd

Charlotte, 1st

Gwendolyn, 1st

Lauren, 2nd

Scott, 5th

Beautiful Raya - age 5

My Mixed Media Collage students created these lighthouse pieces using a variety of wet and dry media. Collage projects are a favorite of mine as I teach to a wide age range (K-5th) and this seems to help everyone break up a project into components and piece it together, helping everyone to feel successful. Skies were done in watercolor, and oceans in acrylic. They created a ripped, jagged cliff from grocery store bags and added pastel and charcoal for texture. Lighthouses were created following a loose direct line drawing lesson. They added charcoal shadows to their lighthouses on the opposite side of their moon to add more drama to their nighttime pieces.

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  1. I love the irregularity of the lighthouses, almost as if they are responding to crazy weather. Some of those skies look fab.


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