Thursday, January 8, 2015

Blog List Rebuilding

 Ally has such a winning smile ...minus a few teeth

Kobe loved hiding under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, he became "confused" and relieved himself on the tree skirt a few times. But who could be mad at that face?

No my dogs have nothing to do with this post. But I wanted to include a photo and my kids (ages 13-19) aren't exactly keen on having their picture posted. You'd think they were in the Witness Protection Plan. Aah, teens.

So, I had well over 100 blogs in my blog list and thought I'd edit it down to those who have blogged at least in the past year. (I'm forgiving in that way - babies are born, kids are being raised, jobs are busy!) Unfortunately, I inadvertently wiped the proverbial slate clean. And without Google Reader I don't know if there is an easy way to go about building it back up. Any suggestions? Can you transfer blogs from Bloglovin easily? I like to have a blogroll on my page so I can instantly see what people are posting. Thanks in advance for any help!


  1. I have been thinking about editing my blogroll as well. I notice many of the blogs that were updated regularly seem to have been abandoned and, I suppose new ones have sprouted up as well. I guess people move on, but I really enjoy our virtual community and the exchange of ideas. I'm glad you haven't caved, because I love visiting your blog.

  2. Yikes! My biggest fear! I wouldn't know where to start to re-place them al! Good luck! :)

  3. I think I remember another blogger having the same problem. He put out a post asking bloggers who knew they were on his blog list to contact him with their info so he could rebuild the list on his blog. That is a good idea to se if there is a way to use your Bloglovin' list -- that would save a LOT of time!!
    Good luck -- I hope you figure out a quick solution!!

  4. Thanks Ladies! Christie, I may just end up doing that.

  5. You can still edit your blogroll from the blogger dashboard. I updated mine very recently. And I am NOT tech savvy.

    The thing is, sadly, I don't think the blogroll has the impact it used to have. If people read your blog on a phone, or thru an app, they likely see it without the blogroll or archives. I still like to read blogs on safari on my iPad, or on Firefox on my laptop or PC.

    1. Phyl, for whatever reason, many were omitted from my list. But I agree with you, blogroll doesn't have the same impact. I never know if I even have an audience much of the time. Like you, I'm very "old school" - I like to catch up on my PC.

  6. I think I may have recovered most of them. If I have left anyone off, my apologies and let me know!



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