Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Other than a lesson based on the book, "How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?", I have steered clear of realistic dinosaur art lessons.(They are a bit challenging) One of my students had been requesting dinosaurs for several weeks. Since my classes are private, I think of my kids almost as "clients"; their enjoyment is definitely a priority. So this one was for Jenna. :)

My kindergarten through 3rd graders created their Triceratops with watercolor and salt to mimic a textured skin. My 3rd through 5th grade group made their dinosaurs using chalk pastels. Both groups were encouraged to use charcoal to add shadow and definition. Dinosaurs were cut out and glued on top of simple chalk pastel landscapes.


  1. Love the silhouette! Consider it pinned!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mary, I love the your approach to texture with the dinos. Awesome!

  3. The end result looks great. Doogal

  4. I have taken this idea and will be doing it with my class today as an end of year activity. They too requested dino's. James, Manchester (UK)


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