Saturday, July 6, 2013

Black Panthers

My Cool Canines and Fantastic Felines classes left the world of domestic cats and dogs and looked at some photos of sleek black panthers. With a wide age range, (K thru 6th) this lesson was perfect for everyone to feel successful. And as an added bonus, the children got to enjoy one of my favorite mediums, charcoal. Oh yes, it is messy for sure. "Miss Mary, I washed my hands and the charcoal is still on my fingers."  "It's not art class, if you don't get a little dirty." : )  But they could see with just a little pressure and some circular blending, the panthers really "came to life." To avoid a completely smudged piece, we cut our wild cats out and glued them to a oil pastel and watercolor background. The children had free reign to create whatever type of habitat they wanted. I like the contrast of the dark panthers against their bright backgrounds.


  1. These are gorgeous Mary, I'll borrow this for sure! I agree, it's perfect for a wide age range - my groups (after-school classes) include kids from Prep through to year 7. Finding projects that appeal across the range can be a bit tricky!

  2. I loved these so much I gave them a try at the Blue Sparrows Art Club - you can see our take here: Thanks Mary Making! Lisa.


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