Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Peacocks in Chalk Pastel

This project has been on my back burner since, well....the pre-Pinterest days. Wow, how did we survive?! : ) I found this gorgeous collection on Artsonia and knew I had to give it a try one day. The children (K-4th grade) started out by drawing the beak and body and then added color to the background and body with chalk pastels. They could choose a realistic color scheme or a very imaginary one. The next step was to add the "eyes" of the feathers and attach them to the body using chalk or oil pastels.

Peacocks are a favorite subject of mine. It was fun approaching an old standby in a new way. The look of chalk pastels on black paper makes for a nice smokey effect. Well done guys...nice original pieces!


  1. LOVE LOVE TY Mary .. Tina

  2. Cute! The colors are pretty vibrant too! Love it! Plus I just love peacocks!!

  3. Gorgeous birds!!!
    The pastel on black paper was perfect for this.

  4. I love peacocks! One of my neighbors used to own 3 of them. I loved hearing them call! Sometimes you would see one on the roof of his house! When the hens would have babies you would have to watch... they would run into the road and get under your car! I would sit there trying to shoo them out so I did not hit any! I did a similar lesson a few years ago with first grade... we used oil pastel, watercolor and big,beautiful sequins to decorate the ends of the tails! The kids loved them! The pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)


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