Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Winter Foxes

Amanda, 3rd

Abbie, 1st

Summer, 2nd

Charlie, 1st

Ryan, 3rd

Scott, 2nd

Kendall, 3rd

Jenna, 4th

Sydney, Kindergarten

Calvin, Kindergarten

Alexa, 2nd

We kicked off our first summer art class, Animal Art Fun with these adorable winter foxes. Because when you think of warm June weather, foxes in the snow just make sense, right? : D In any case, my K through 4th graders created these pieces in a series of steps. First they used watercolors to create a snowy sunrise or sunset. We looked at photos for inspiration. These were then put up to dry. We turned our attention to our foxes which were drawn via a direct line drawing lesson. The age range was varied and for some children, this was their first art class. Everyone did a beautiful job! Chalk pastels were used to add color and shadow. Back to our now dry background, the children added winter trees and later a smattering of snowfall. Foxes were cut out and added to their pieces. Next week, the children can add some extra details if they choose, cast tree shadows, snow in the branches, footprints, ect. These foxes are just begging for a short story or a poem to go with them, don't you think? : )


  1. Beautiful foxes! I want to do the project later ... maybe in wintertime ;-)


  2. Love Love Mary, EXcellent

  3. These are are all excellent but I'm blown away by the kindergarten foxes – fantastic!

    1. I have to agree Joe, they are wonderful!
      Thanks all for the comments!

  4. Oh Mary,

    Please tell Jenna that she took my breath away! They're all good but her's captured my heart!


    1. Thanks Pat! Jenna is a very talented artist and I feel fortunate to have her in my classes. She always does beautiful work. I will pass your comment along. :D

  5. Love your website! I am a first year art teacher...can you tell me what kind of paper you use?

    1. Thanks so much! Since I don't have a large number of students, I purchase whatever watercolor paper is on sale at Michael's or Amazon (generally Canson or Strathmore). Dick Blick has also been a source. And for the foxes, Tru-Ray construction paper. Hope this helps!


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