Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birthday Birds

my experiment

March is Dr. Seuss' Birthday month. Last year I did a Lorax inspired project. This year I headed to my daughter's book shelf and came up with a lesser known book, "Happy Birthday To You!" In the land of Katroo on the day you were born, the great Birthday Bird wakes you from your bed and swoops you away for a fantastic day of adventures and celebration. I knew my 5-9 year olds would have fun with this!

They created their Birthday Birds with Sharpie and acrylics and layered birthday cakes with markers. On black board they painted Truffula inspired trees of Lorax fame for a fun background. I encouraged the children to cut loose creatively in making all the elements in their Seuss inspired pieces. Nice job kids!

*This post is dedicated to my husband who recently turned the big 50, without the obligatory big party or weekend in Vegas (almost a requirement for SoCal residents.) So Tyree, not only did you get your favorite Shrimp and Grits made by moi and an adult family dinner out, you now have a beautiful collection of Dr. Seuss Birthday Birds dedicated to YOU. You must be walking on sunshine about now. ;D


  1. Just found your blog through Pinterest!
    I teach in a small Primary School in the UK and love some of the ideas you have on this site. I am afraid I only show a little of my lessons on one of my blogs, but your welcome to pop over to take a look

  2. What a beautiful project Mary.
    I love the colors, the birds are adorable.

  3. What an awesome lesson! Nice job.

  4. Oh Mary!

    I would love to have those beautiful birds show up on my birthday to spirit me away! The colors! The delightful birds! The yummy looking cakes! Your students have done a fine job and you should be proud.


  5. Sweet birthday birds, Mary! Got to love Seuss in every way.

  6. Mary the best birthday gift ever for Tyree. These are terrific. MOM

  7. I love Dr Seuss! For me it was a big discovery because I come from Belgium and it's really not in my culture. Since living in Canada...I discovered so many new things...and Dr Seuss is one of them.
    The kids did a great job but it's funny to see that they all turned their bird in the same direction. I love the black background that brings out the colors! Good job!

  8. I agree the kids did a great job! Love them.

  9. Do you have directions for how you drew these with your students?


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