Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ton Schulten Inspired Landscapes

(my experiment)

The first time I saw the work of Dutch artist, Ton Schulten, I fell instantly in love with his bright, rich color palettes and the way his landscapes look like building blocks of color intersected vertically and horizontally.

This was a a simple and quick lesson for my students to do in our last 25 minutes of class, inspired by Schulten's work. We used long black sheets of construction paper. White would be great, and would give this project a softer feel. I had the children choose between black or white oil pastel to create a simple landscape with trees and hills. I had them divide their work a few times horizontally and at least once vertically. They could switch colors (using chalk or oil pastels) when their shapes were divided or could keep the same color. Several children asked to add an outline of glue to their finished work to create even more of a bold line. I like their playful compositions and bold use of color. (ages 6-9)


  1. Beautiful landscape compositions.
    Bold colors and patterns.

  2. These are gorgeous! I will have to look up this artist! Just looked him up...oooh so lovely! Such vibrant color! WoW! Thanks for sharing this artist!

  3. Mary these are beautiful. They remind me of an artist named Ross Penhall. Look him up!


  4. Ton Schulten is one of my favorite Dutch artists. I bought one of his workds earlier this year, and it's in my livingroom now. Every morning I walk in, I'm excited about it. I'm still planning to do another lesson about him, this one will be a very good one Mary!
    For those who don't know him, here are a lot of his works: http://www.tonschulten.nl/

  5. Oooo-those turned out nice! Just love chalk pastels on black paper

  6. Thanks all! I'll definitely check out Penhall's work Pat. Jacquelien, how wonderful to have your very own Schulten piece!

  7. hey Mary!

    I just did a project that was inspired by these projects of yours. Thanks for doing it first:)

  8. Love new ways to introduce landscapes! Thanks!


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