Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Mega Bugs

(preppy bug with an argyle body?)

(With those lips...maybe a diva bug)

First time using oil and chalk pastels - nice job Lilly!

I just started a new art session with a group of kindergarten thru 2nd graders. I thought my pastel "mega bug" project from my earlier post would be a quick straightforward starter lesson to loosen everyone up on our first day. Some of my students have never used pastels before while a couple could have jumped up and lead the lesson. I talked about creating fantasy bugs using whatever colors or patterns they'd like. The key was to work BIG (and off the page), as if we were viewing the bug through a magnifying glass. They outlined their shapes and patterns using light colored oil pastel (for contrast with our black paper) and used chalk pastel to fill in color

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  1. They definitely "got it" about going off the page. I think that is quite an accomplishment for kindergarteners. Bravo!!


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