Saturday, August 13, 2011

Andy Lakey Inspired Sand Paintings

A BIG thanks to Katie from Adventures of an Art Teacher (check out this link) for her wonderful post about the work and inspiring story of Andy Lakey (and the beautiful work her students created.) My daughter, niece and a friend gave it a go. With a bit of Pacific coast sand from our day at the beach they created lines and shapes with crayon on poster board that they then traced over with glue. After it was dry they used limited palettes of acrylic and tempera to paint their pieces. While these compositions are more free flowing as opposed to Lakey's orderly designs and angels, I think this is a great alternative (and fun) lesson to teach line, shape, and color for a wide age range.


  1. I love the curvy lines and the way the colors blend into each other.

  2. i have some powder tempera i've mixed with sand...wonder if it'll work?! love these!

  3. Those turned out really cool! Great abstracts
    Wondering how well the sand sticks on? Where exactly is the sand? Hard to tell.

  4. Thanks very much! The sand sticks very easily with a solid line of glue.I loved Katie's direction of painting directly over the sand lines. That's what I encouraged the kids to do. Obviously they come across completely differently in person.


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