Thursday, June 9, 2011

Animal Art Fun

"Dylan" Acrylic and Oil Pastel on Cardboard by 9 year old

Expressive Rescue Dog Portraits with Fauve Colors

African Elephants using washable markers and water
and chalk pastel landscapes
Pandas in acrylics, oil pastels and watercolor
Panda by Savannah (9)

Whiteboard example
Chalk and Oil Pastel Lion Profiles

In a couple weeks I will begin a series of six, three day themed art camps.(Messy Art Fun, Animal Art, Children's Book Art, Around the World Art Projects, and a Multi-themed class.) By far the most popular was Animal Art. (I even had to add an extra class.) We will be creating a variety of animals, wild and domestic, realistic and cartoon. This is just a preview of some of our scheduled projects. I will post the children's artwork with more details as they complete their pieces.


  1. Looks like classes I'd like to take myself!! Have fun!

  2. The projects look great. Love the panda paintings.

  3. All so cute! I'm partial to the Pandas-those turned out awesome!

  4. That first dog painting is adorable! Did a student paint it?

  5. Thanks all! Anne that is my work on cardboard. My classes are using actual photos of dogs from the SPCA to create our expressive paintings. I will post the children's paintings in the coming weeks.

  6. hepsi çok güzel görünüyor...tebrikler...

  7. can't wait to see how they come out! LOVE the dog paintings!


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