Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Matisse Mishap

Love your bold shapes and patterns Daniella(8)!
Violet's work in progress

*No fish were harmed in the making of these paintings." (but it was awfully close)

I had to post my memorable art class experience today. Half of my class is away at Outdoor Science Camp for the week. So I just had a small group of 5 girls. Several of the girls are still working on their Matisse inspired goldfish still lifes. Last week I had this still life set up for them to create their pieces. Today I decided to put my niece's goldfish bowl in the center of our art table. Midway through the class the legs on one side of the 6 foot table collapsed sending the fish bowl rolling off the table and sending paint and water cups along with it. Imagine five girls screaming, one very wet 3rd grader and 2 goldfish (not the beta shown above) flopping on the ground. Fortunately this girl was a trooper with a wonderful sense of humor (thank you Violet), I scooped the goldfish back in the bowl as fast as I could and they survived and her artwork was salvaged. Note to self: always double check table legs are fully snapped. ;D

More paintings to come..


  1. EWWWW! Flopping fish are my worst fear. I had a classroom fish and had to change the water so I dumped it down the art room sink (thinking I could reserve enough for the fish in the bottom of the bowl) but the fish went with it! It stayed stuck in the drain and I couldn't physically pick it up! I ran the water (to give it air) and called the janitor. Who thought the whole scene was a ridiculous! The fish lasted one more week. I got another one (which developed a pop eye!) I think from a dirty erasure making it's way into the bowl! I gave him antibiotics but he too started swimming sideways.

    I'm so impressed that you had the GUTS to scoop him back in the bowl!!!

  2. What a riot! Wish you'd caught it on video - would love to see it on YouTube!! If we art teachers didn't have a sense of humor, we wouldn't have any sense at all...

  3. I am laughing out loud Erica because I was in major freak-out mode. But as any Scorpio, I hid my true feelings, put on my big girl pants and put this fish (2) back in the bowl AAHH!!. Your welcome PETA!
    Nancie Kay, I think the video would have done very well on YouTube. :) Thanks for the feedback! I love to hear other art teacher "horror stories."

  4. Ha ha, a couple of great fish stories!! I guess you now know why I used foam fish and cellophane water in my fish bowls for my Matisse still life paintings. Too many kids coming and going, too great a risk. No live animals in my classroom other than the kids!

    Your still lifes are looking great, by the way!


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