Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Cardinals

Love this chubby guy shivering in the snowy night! Nice job Patrick (6)

Cardinals are a very popular art project this time of year. My students really enjoyed this since snow and Northern Cardinals are about as exotic as palm trees in Minnesota. So while we've had temperatures in the high 70's earlier this week, this project brought a bit of the winter holiday feel to us. Some of the children created a cool daytime sky, while others worked on a black nightime background. Some birds can be seen experiencing a light snowfall while others endure a full snowstorm. (Something tells me this goes against their better nature.) We created the cardinals using thin sharpie and watercolor and gluing the cut birds to their perch.
I loved this project because all ages felt successful as the direct line drawing lesson was so easy to follow.


  1. 7o degrees...ahhhh. We've been pretty much in the teens all week. Glad to have a car with heated seats!

    But anyhow, the cardinals are lovely.

  2. Love the cardinals, the snow AND your new ocean background!!

  3. Thank you both. Christie, my daughter (9) asked me to change my background. She got on blogger and played around a bit. This was her choosing. She is a bit of a design diva :D
    PS I see you're in Santa Monica. Love it there!

  4. Your daughter made a great choice! It's pretty gloomy at the beach today, though. I think it'll be a while before we see a view like this!!

  5. Those cardinals are adorable. Great job to your students!

  6. We are definitely going to do these in January -thanks! All the holiday projects are done and now I need to start over with all new projects - I am sure you know the feeling. I will post our Christmas ones next week as I don't want parents to see what they are getting as a present. Merry Christmas to you!


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