Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mixed-Up Hockney Inspired Portrait

I did this project some time ago with a couple of my 2nd and 3rd grade classes. I introduced them to artist David Hockney and his wonderful cubist style photography pieces. I particularly like Hockney's photo collage of his mother.

To create our inspired pieces, I took 5 close up pictures of each child's facial features. I ordered double prints so each child could put together a portrait of themself as well as a crazy mixed-up portrait using classmates features put together. It was a big hit and this piece in my house still gets a lot of laughs. The children love to try and name each of the boys in the picture.


  1. i love this! have a 6 yo that is passionate about art, color and texture and i'm doing by best to support her despite my own die hard beige persona. Half of my pantry is now devoted to art supplies. Thanks so much for sharing. Seems like one of the themes in general on your site is to keep trying to keep boundaries at bay. (in the lines, on the paper etc.) is that true?

  2. Thanks very much! I never thought of it in that way, but that may just be my approach. The main reason I love children's art so much is that their lines and brushstrokes are fearless. And I love the quality of this boldness in their work. By the time kids hit about the age of 10 many aren't as keen on art. They want so badly for their work to be realistic and they get very critical of their art if it doesn't meet their expectations. So I really like to encourage my students to just have fun expressing themselves and stressing there is no right or wrong way to draw something. My students have been in school all day so for me it's important to make the hour or 75 minutes with me fun and relaxed.

    That is wonderful that you are encouraging your daughter's creativity and love of art. And I'm willing to bet your persona is not beige at all. :)

  3. So simple yet so effective! Thanks for sharing another great idea!


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