Friday, December 4, 2015

Air Dry Clay Creations

 Turkeys and peacocks

 Mexican Alebrijes using foam sticks

Air drying roses

This session I am doing several Draw, Paint, Clay classes with an emphasis on clay. It's a departure from my usual 2D lessons, but the kids are so enthused to be working this medium. For our first project we created these turkey and peacock tealight holders thanks to the wonderful post by Anne at Use Your Coloured Pencils here. Her students' peacocks are stunning. I like that it incorporates pinch pot, slab and modeling techniques. These were painted with watercolors and I offered sequins for added bling. They were give a final coat of Mod Podge, in lieu of ceramic glazing and I gave them flameless tealights. These will make nice holiday gifts.

Some of my kids created Mexican Alebrijes inspired by these pieces I spotted on Pinterest. Alebrijes are brightly colored Oaxacan-Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures. I found some foam sticks at Michael's that I thought would work well for the feathers. The kids decorated them with acrylics, cut them and slid them into pockets in the clay created with the end of bent paper clips. 

Up next, our roses inspired by Natalie's wonderful post and tutorial at smART Class here. This was a crowd pleaser with my all girl classes. I'm looking forward to seeing these come to life with paint and sparkly Mod Podge!


  1. I love the candle birds. What a lovely idea. And the flameless tea light are awesome. Thanks for posting

  2. Thanks for the link back - your peacocks look lovely!! :D

  3. These clay pieces are beautiful! What kind of air dry clay did you use?

    1. Thanks Ruth! I used Crayola Air Dry Clay.


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