Monday, September 21, 2020

Handmade Cards and Original Artwork Sale

Handmade Original Greeting Cards
Sets of 5 $35

Process Photos

Each set of cards is wrapped in ribbon 
and presented in a tissued gift bag

Choose from Flower Garden or Under the Sea Themes
or a Combination of Both

Every card is signed

Mixed Media Artwork Sale
All works are 8x10 and include 11x14 white mat and backing
All works are $40

1. Autumn Bloom

2. Torch Ginger

3. You Belong Among the Wildflowers

4. Life Is Short, Buy the Flowers

5. Bloom Where You're Planted

6. Climbing Vine

7. Fresh from the Farmer's Market

8. Macaw

9. Ocean Treasures

10. Jellies

11. Sea Garden

12. Las Amapolas

13. Asters

14. Snowy Layover

15. November's Mums

16. Dancing Blooms

17. Autumn Wind

18. Marigold Party

19. Rainbow Lorikeet

20. Lovebirds

21. Layered Forest Duo

22. Night Owls

23. Spring's Trio

24. Javan Kingfisher

25. Sunset Sail

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